Monday, October 10, 2011

“About Us” Evaluation: Luxury Air Jets Gets a C-

Luxury Air Jets, headquartered in Manhattan, provides private jet or executive jet charter services. The main About Us page is here.


We have two minor objections to the site. The six clocks in the header cleverly give a sense that Luxury Air Jets can take you around the world -- but their presence makes the page load very slowly in some browsers. This is not a good first impression for a company providing fast transportation.

Also, when we print out pages, the text appears as an illegible pale gray. While not everyone will want to print pages, it’s wise to make minor adjustments for the sake of wealthy curmudgeons who do.

Products/Services: C

The About Us page has adequate information about the company’s services, but it would be more enticing if the second section (“Charter Jet Services”) appeared at the top, before the vague statements of the company’s ethics and donations to charity. This page would also be a perfect place to illustrate the interiors and exteriors of some of the jets the company supplies, with links to pages providing further details.

Personality: D

The About Us page is a pitch for the company’s services. We don’t object to that, but we do think that those who are purchasing such a high-end service might wonder how long the company has been in business, who runs it, and what its track record is in terms of distance traveled, safety, pilots’ qualifications, and so on.

The brusquely titled Letter from MGT repeats material from the main About Us page, with no clue who owns and operates the company. Who’s MGT? Apparently it’s an abbreviation for management. Silly. There’s plenty of space to spell out the word in the headline – or better yet, to have the letter come from a real, named person.

Accessibility: C

For those in a hurry (and what jet traveler is not?), the company’s phone number always appears at the upper right. A “Request a Quote” button appears on the sidebar of every page -- but it takes us to a long, online form that leaves us no record of what we’ve sent. The Contact Us page has a similar form, although at least there is an actual email address buried at the end of the page.


Luxury Air Jets misses many opportunities to persuade visitors that the company provides luxurious, reliable, and safe transportation.

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