Monday, October 22, 2012

“About Us” Evaluation: Target Logistics Gets an A minus

For companies whose workers are isolated in distant locations from North Dakota to Iraq, Target Logistics (“Wherever you go, whatever it takes”) provides modular housing and facilities, catering, transportation, and security. In September 2012, Inc. magazine rated it one of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies. (Bonus points to Target Logistics for having the Inc. 500 logo prominently displayed, with a link to a well-written press release.) The About Us page is here.

We don’t often enthuse about graphics, but we love the ones on these pages: the grid is divided into sections of various sizes, as if it were modular units.

Products/Services: A plus
Each of the About Us pages focuses on services provided and benefits to customers: always an excellent choice. The Our Clients page offers an impressive list of private and government clients. Not every company can publicize such information, but it’s a great confidence booster for potential clients -- especially when the company has no corporate history page.

The Economics of Comfort page is brilliant: professional photos of Target Logistics facilities (not glossy or glamorous) with substantial captions that explain why employers should be providing (for example) oversize towels, saunas, and heater blocks for cars. We aren’t competent to work on a North Dakota drilling site, but based on the description here, we’d sure like to have a Hibernator Sleep System. Posting a few enthusiastic testimonials from those who have stayed at the “man camps” run by Target Logistics would make these About Us pages even better. (So might a more gender-neutral name, in theory, but “man camp” is apt.)

Personality: B
The Our Team page lists the names and titles of 11 top executives, each with a link to a basic, functional bio: current duties, past experience, education and community, philanthropic activities, and so on.

We miss the personal touch. Brian Lash, CEO, said in Inc.’s two-page spread on Target Logistics, “You’ve got a 250-pound man burning 5,000 calories a day out there. Our job is to give him a five-star meal and a pillow-top mattress.” That’s a great summary of the company’s mission. It ought to be on Lash’s bio page, and elsewhere on the site as well.

Accessibility: A
Every page has an email link and a telephone number. The Contact Us page has a mailing address and links for offices worldwide, with the name of the person in charge, address, and email. Nothing innovative here, but we appreciate a thoroughly functional Contact Us page.

The Target Logistics About Us pages have great layout and great content; most importantly, they continually emphasize the benefits to clients of the company’s services. A little more business history would provide the icing on the cake. However: Well done!

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