Monday, November 5, 2012

Pratt celebrates 125 years with style

Pratt Institute has educated and nurtured some of the world's most amazing artists and designers. Great to see, then, how execs at the Brooklyn-based school have marshalled not just talent but impressive resources to commemorate Pratt's 125th anniversary. The celebration has included Alumni Days, a gala, and an online and physical gallery of works by alum ranging from Tom and Jerry cartoons by Joe Barbera, the clean-lined Cuisinart by Marc Harrison, and the Dunkin' Donuts logo by Lucia DeRespinis. Visitors to the Web gallery can vote on their favorites.

Cool videos, too: the historical reel lacks narration but features superb historical photos and quotes from such Pratt champions as Beverly Pepper (sculptor, class of '42), Patti Smith, and Ellsworth Kelly. Nice touch to include a second video with Jared Bell, designer of Pratt's 125th logo (pictured here). No corporate history book per se, alas, but the alumni magazine produced a huge school history issue that can be perused online.

The entire organizational anniversary campaign feels very authentic and is a huge treat for the eye. Congrats, Pratt!