Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Pay Lots for Little?

A solicitation to advertise in the "Milestones" edition of a regional business journal crossed my desk. If you run a business, you know the drill: the magazine will do a 2-page advertorial spread to celebrate your upcoming business anniversary. They'll take a photo, write a few paragraphs, and send you 100 reprints to share with customers and friends. Oh, and you get a link in the magazine's digital edition. 

All well and good, but it's amazing to see the price tag: $5,000?! 

Even if you negotiate down a bit, that's a big chunk of change for a single new photo (albeit by a pro) and one page of copy that is likely to rely heavily on the "About Us" page already on your own website. Fellow business owners, put the money toward a real business history. It won't buy a book but it'll go far toward a new set of "About Us" pages (when was the last time you updated them?), a keynote speech or company history PowerPoint at your next company dinner, or a podcast of interviews with employees -- things you can re-purpose on your website.