Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rooting for Ginori

Richard Ginori porcelain has been synonymous with high style and quality since 1735. Napoleon himself ate from Ginori tableware during the years he ruled Tuscany, and the Vatican sets its tables with Ginori. Now, however, the Ginori factory stands shuttered as the company tries to pull itself out of bankruptcy. A few bad decisions during the economic downturn spiraled into severe debt. Italian courts found a buyer, but that deal fell through. 

Ginori's Metroquadrodue designs on display.
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What an amazing corporate history! Forza, Ginori. Coraggio! Here's hoping a new bid from Lenox becomes the ticket to solvency and renewed growth. We should know the outcome by May. As employee Valentina Puggelli told The New York Times: "There are laws to save pandas. We want to save something as rare."