Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kabletown: “About Us” Evaluation by Corporate History.net

Kabletown is a leading provider of cable entertainment with a tradition of commitment, service, and family values. The main Kabletown About Us page is here.

Every page on Kabletown’s site qualifies as an About Us page, and together they provide a near-perfect illustration of our Ten Commandments of About Us pages.

Commandment 1: Know thy audience. It’s as if Kabletown has read our minds: “If your ‘box is being weird’ or ‘the thing just keeps saying “boot” or ‘the DVR won't stop recording “Top Chef Masters” even though I hate it,’ we will be there.”

Commandment 2: Thou shalt not generalize. Mission statements are often full of noble abstractions that could apply to any company. But “Let Kabletown bring entertainment to you, because you bring entertainment to Kabletown” – that’s short and concise, and could never be mistaken for any other company’s operating principle.

Commandment 3: Reveal thy personality. The personality shines through from the opening explanation of the company’s name: Kabletown, with a “K” for Kindness and Keen interest in customers. We are profoundly reassured to know that the company is committed to “respond rapidly to the speed of change.” And could a company be more caring of its employees than to continue trying to resolve a flight mix-up that left 6 employees unintentionally “international”? For summarizing the management’s style, you can’t beat the quote from CEO Hank Hooper on the Our Company page: “If you're not part of something, you're just not apart of anything, darn it. And that's really nothing. Ain't that something? Ha!”

Commandment 4: Don’t take your own name in vain. Mergers and acquisitions rouse strong feelings. To present its own side of the story, What’s New? announces the acquisition by Kabletown of GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal. By the way, this page demonstrates an awe-inspiring command of the use of SEO terms: “This way, not only can we offer content in ways that content has never been offered before, but we can use the word ‘content’ almost 60% more than we used to in press releases. Our partnership with GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal will help us to better serve you, the consumer. Content.”

Commandment 5: Honor thy readers and their attention spans. The sole text on the Programming page is breathtakingly, titillatingly brief: “For an additional $12.99, Kabletown now offers you the highest quality in adult entertainment. You will be provided with our easy-to-follow channel guide designed especially for our male and female clients.”

Commandment 6: Honor thy visuals. As a reminder of Kabletown’s commitment to family programming, the header of every single page has a generously sized image of a family watching TV together. (From the expression on the adorable tyke’s face, we suspect it’s Celebrity Urologist.) On Our Company, that big thumbs-up inspires limitless trust. As for that maniacally cheerful employee on Careers ... how could anyone even think of stealing his lunch and forcing him to write inane website content?

Commandment 7: Keep navigation easy. Kabletown’s site has an elegantly simple structure: Main, News, Our Company, Careers, Programming. The pages have handy links between them. Perhaps there should be an additional submenu to help zealous visitors go directly to the TWINKS page (Television With Individuals, Naive, Kinky, Shaved).

Commandment 8: Remember to make yourself and your organization easily accessible. A minor glitch: the Contact link at the foot of the Kabletown page is linked to a subsidiary, NBC. Send us to The Office, please!

Commandment 9: Worship clarity. Gary does a great job, when he’s not in the hospital.

Commandment 10: Remember to keep holy the updates. Tut, tut, Kabletown. You were perfect so far, but why is there no coverage of the forthcoming merger of Kabletown with Time Warner Kable?

Commandment 11: Remember that blog entries are often time sensitive, and always check the date of the post.

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