Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hartford Stage's 50th Anniversary Misses Some Opptys

To celebrate its first 50 years, Connecticut's Hartford Stage created a traveling exhibit of design elements from 350 of its productions. Superb idea to excavate 50 years of history and send the show on the road--but why isn't some or all of the exhibit viewable on the web as well? The Stage's website downplays the anniversary, sadly, without so much as a single photo immediately evident. (Remember Commandment 6 of CorporateHistory.net's 10 Commandments of About Us pages: "Honor Thy Visuals.") Similarly, a link to the video and photo archives contains no images. Theaters are always underbudgeted and understaffed; that's all the more reason to pack the website full of enticement and put it to work for a full anniversary year's worth of corporate storytelling.

Info from the Connecticut tourism bureau (kudos to them for providing the attached photo): "The exhibit consists of a selection of costumes, props and scenic elements from Hartford Stage's extensive collection. A hallmark of the theater's work is the quality of the work that appears on stage, all of which is built in Hartford. Scores of locally-based artists, craftspeople, and technicians created these pieces to animate the visions of some of the world's most prominent theatrical designers." Remaining dates and locations for the tour, which started in September 2013:
Until June 10, 2014: Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford.
June 10-July 23, 2014: William Benton Museum of Art at UConn, Storrs.

Addendum on May 22: Chuck MacNaughton, Digital Media Manager at Hartford Stage, sent the following. I had a little trouble loading the microsite, but once it came up, I found it well worth exploring. Thanks, Chuck!
"I read your recent post. We do appreciate your noticing and recognizing both our traveling Stagecraft event and our 50th Anniversary. We would like to point out, however, that we we have featured our anniversary prominently with a dedicated microsite, which is featured in the main panel on our home page at http://www.hartfordstage.org/. It is also featured on our Facebook page "about" block at https://www.facebook.com/hartfordstage. In case you still have trouble locating the Anniversary microsite you can go directly to it at http://50.hartfordstage.com/. While the heaviest promotion of the microsite was in November, marking the official public launch of our anniversary season, both the panel on our home page and the link on Facebook have been present since September 2013."