Monday, August 25, 2014

Ben Nye: “About Us” Evaluation by Corporate

As makeup director at 20th Century Fox for decades, Benjamin (“Ben”) Nye, Sr., was responsible for over 500 films spanning the 1930s to the 1980s. If you’ve seen Gone with the Wind, Miracle on 34th Street, The King and I, or Planet of the Apes, you've seen his work. When Nye retired in 1967, he founded the Ben Nye Makeup Company, which today is based in a Los Angeles headquarters and run by his son Dana. The company’s About Us page is here.

The Ben Nye Makeup site is a great illustration of our Commandment 1 of About Us pages: “Know thy audience.” The product isn't sold retail; it's sold via authorized retailers to professionals, and the photos and text are geared to such visitors.

Products/Services and Personality: A
The About Us page, “The Ben Nye Story” (accessed via the “Read the Ben Nye Story” link on the Home page) proves that you don’t need a dozen nested About Us pages to show your company’s true colors. Ben Nye’s single page describes the founder’s career as a Hollywood makeup artist, with examples of the movies he worked on. It discusses his style, which still drives the business, and then moves on to his son, who runs the company today. Then it mentions the company’s products, and finally links to the company’s YouTube channel of tutorials by master makeup artists. As befits a company that sells makeup, the page is crowded with full-color photos of models, movie stars, and makeup.

Our one question is: What does “There’s more to come!” refer to? It’s in the header of the page and repeated again at the end. If it’s something Ben Nye used to say, we’d like to know that.

The other pages on the site are all, in a sense, About Us: four pages of media coverage (In the Media, Theatre News, Artists at Work, At the Show) and In Print, a collection of product brochures.

Accessibility: B
The site doesn't even have a Contact Us page: the barest of information (mailing address and telephone) appears on the Catalog Request page. But Ben Nye Makeup doesn't operate a retail store, and its products are sold only through authorized dealers, so this seems adequate.

You can be brief, yet brilliant, in relating your business history. Focus on what makes you unique and great.

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