Monday, November 1, 2010

"Fuel to Perform"

Gatorade's Evolution TV spot gets A++ for history. Whodathunkit? This ad snapped my head up during the World Series playoffs. Within two seconds it grabbed me with:
  • the upbeat song ("If You Want a Revolution")
  • the historical images (kudos for including women athletes)
  • and the short onscreen titles (starting with "They balled on peach baskets" and moving on to pithy phrases like "Fuel to perform" and "Protein to recover").

Then comes the main message. "In 2010 we're changing the game again," with G Series foil packs rather than wasteful and oversized plastic bottles. On my next hot-weather bike ride, which granted won't happen until 2011, I'll be more likely to consider buying this stuff at the lunch break. Oh, and kudos to Gatorade's agency for fearlessly creating a 60-second ad. Some of us still have long attention spans, especially when the ad is as entertaining as this one.