Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 60th, Elektra Records

Big thanks to WNYC-FM’s John Schaefer for interviewing Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra and Nonesuch Records, about Elektra’s 60th anniversary. As John noted, “Elektra's parent company, Warner Music Group, is mining a treasure trove of photographs, memorabilia, and documents in a vast archive.” Elektra’s artists created the soundtrack of many lives, not least mine: Bread, The Doors, Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan (“Planet Waves,” his first #1 album), the three Toms – Paxton, Rush, Waits — Carly Simon, Hank Williams Jr., and on and on.

Riveting interview—I caught it on the car radio. Sat in my driveway to hear the end of it; didn’t want to miss 10 seconds. Check out Elektra’s site, too, which contains a one-hour video of Jac and Lenny Kaye (guitarist and label historian) chatting onstage at the 92nd Street Y.