Monday, January 9, 2012

“About Us” Evaluation: Crest Gets a C

Crest Toothpaste, first marketed by Procter & Gamble in 1955, was the first toothpaste in the United States to have fluoride. In 1962, after the American Dental Association confirmed that it effectively prevents tooth decay, Crest became America’s best-selling toothpaste. Its About Us page is here.


Accessibility: A

The contact us link is at the foot of every page—fairly common—but the Contact Us page has tabs for emailing the company and for the FAQ page. That’s a great idea, because we often find it easier to email for any query that pops into our mind than to locate a company’s FAQ page.

Products/Services: B

The Crest Heritage page gives the historical context of the brand, with subheads for history, achievements, and research. The subheads help break up this dense page of text, but as always, we’d also like to see some illustrations--perhaps vintage ads or packaging. Since we tend to buy what looks familiar to us, the use of images here would also nudge us to buy the Crest next time we’re toothpaste-shopping.

The Heritage page has a footnote: so quaint! And so unwieldy and inappropriate to a web page!

Personality: D

Crest is part of Procter & Gamble, which has its own bevy of About Us pages. Even so, we’d like to see some indication on Crest’s About Us page of whose vision guides the brand. Alternatively, Crest might have included a quote from Dr. Joseph Muhler, who headed the research team that developed Crest, or statistics from the American Dental Association on the importance of Crest in improving dental health in the United States.


Crest’s page offers basic information but it doesn’t get us excited about the brand.

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