Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Partnering with Disney? Better know your corporate history.

Delighted to share a sampling of writer Rodney J. Moore’s insights on brand loyalty and corporate collaboration, gleaned from his recent course at the Disney Institute:

“If you've been to the Parks lately, you've probably noticed a lot more outside brands showing up. That's no accident. In fact, Disney recently announced that Starbucks would be another brand with a presence in the Parks. ... Ben May, Business Development Director, Corporate Alliances, talked about how Disney's alliances are carefully crafted to protect Disney. After all, they can't very well be associated with an embezzling CEO. Their agreements with outside brands can go on for 50 pages or more. But the key to an alliance is there must be shared equities….”  To read more, visit Rod’s blog.

My take on it: One of the first lessons shared by Disney is that companies should know their corporate history. Indeed, Disney apparently insists on this knowledge as part of its vetting process for corporate alliances.