Monday, April 29, 2013

3CInteractive: “About Us” Evaluation by Corporate

3CInteractive (based in Boca Raton, Florida) created Switchblade, software that allows companies to connect more easily with customers using mobile devices. Founded in 2005 by John Duffy, Mark Smith, and Mike FitzGibbon, 3CI serves clients such as Walgreens, ESPN, and Best Buy. Want to remind a customer about a prescription refill or let him compare online reviews of the TVs lined up in your showroom? 3CI makes that happen. Their main About Us page is here.


Products/Services: A
The main About Us page is excellent: the clean, simple layout includes a tagline followed by a concise statement of what 3CI does and what they aim to achieve. It’s a mission statement without being called that -- the perfect hook for persuading visitors to become clients. Even more enticing would be graphics or screen captures showing the sort of interaction 3CI can create – a recent Forbes article gave some great examples.

News and Events is kept short by including only the most recent media coverage and press releases. Those that appeared earlier are available via a “more” link: well done.

Another plus: the blog offers information about the company (an award for being one of the best places to work in South Florida) plus substantive content useful to 3CI’s clients (a lengthy analysis of lawsuit re mobile apps filed in California). Many companies don’t even link their blogs to their About Us pages, but a well-written blog should convey your personality while promoting your product and encouraging clients to keep in touch.

Personality: B
As we mention in our Commandment 3 of About Us pages (“Reveal Thy Personality”), the founder’s “DNA” sets the course of the company. The co-founders of 3CI are adept at explaining their ideas and goals: they’re quoted extensively in Forbes. Adding such quotes to the standard bios on the Executive Officers and Board of Directors pages would greatly improve those pages.

The Our Culture page so prominently featured in the navigation menu needs some tweaks. For a business short on company history, awards are excellent credentials. 3CI’s awards from Forbes and Inc. should be front and center, not buried in a gallery near the foot of Our Culture. Why give top billing to photos of company headquarters and employees, which aren’t likely to matter to potential clients? (If these are meant to attract potential employees, they should be on the Careers page.)

Accessibility: C
The Contact page offers nothing wonderful, nothing weird … but from a young company that specializes in the latest in online interaction, we were hoping for something more exciting.

Since online visitors tend to flit, make sure you not only present great material, but present the most important material (such as awards) first.

Does your Web site’s “About Us” section accurately convey your organization’s history and capabilities? Every two weeks we evaluate one example, grading it in three areas that are key to potential customers: Personality (Who are you?), Products/Services (What can you do for us?), and Accessibility (How can we reach you?). Today’s example was chosen at random; has no ties to this company.
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