Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Books Will Last. Will Kodak?

Manhattan's Center for Book Arts will hold its annual benefit and auction this Friday, April 6, from 6 to 9 p.m. I wish I could attend, especially because CorporateHistory.net is a modest sponsor of this good organization. I have to settle for holding the letterpress invitation in my hand. It feels so good compared to digital printing. The Center will turn 40 next year. Exhibits, classes, public programming--their agenda is ambitious. Moreover, the core belief is rock-solid: that books remain art objects as well as practical tools that still convey information very well.

Speaking of digital printing, did I mention that the Kodak all-in-one inkjet printer in our office died today? We bought it 18 months ago to support an iconic US company. But it wasn't made in the US. Out of the box, it didn't work. At that time I reached a customer service rep -- located in India, not Rochester -- who agreed to ship a new part to replace the faulty one. Now six months past warranty, the printer seems to have breathed its last. Despite Kodak's storied history, I shed not a single tear for the company. The leadership chose a poor turnaround strategy. Sad all around.