Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chefs Feed: “About Us” Evaluation by Corporate History.net

Currently the most important product of Chefs Feed is an iPhone app that gives reviews of restaurants (even specific dishes) by over 600 chefs, for 15 American cities plus London. The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2011 by brothers Steve and Jared Rivera, who hope to expand their chefs’ recommendations into video and print. The About Us page is here.

The uncluttered Chefs Feed site is clearly designed with mobile users in mind, and it’s aimed at promoting the app. To be clear: we’re evaluating the About Us page that appears on the company’s website, not the info that appears on the app.

Products/Services: B
The About Us page starts with a catchy tag line: “I’ll have what they’re having.” It goes on to name-drop celebrity chefs (Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller) who offer recommendations on the app. If you don’t have a long-established corporate history, using big-bang names like this are a great substitute.

Below the brief description of what the app offers are headings with teasers. We wish these were links to pages of samples, e.g., what have chefs said about restaurants in our neighborhood? What kind of live information can we expect to receive?

Below the teasers are pictures of some participating chefs, with links to many more: well done.

The most innovative feature of this page is the section of mentions in the media. Hover over the media logo and a callout from the article pops up. In most cases, that’s all we need to know, so it’s a particularly useful technique.

Personality: B
The personality of Chefs Feed is the chefs who contribute, not the company’s founders (who aren’t even mentioned). Doubtless many people hungry people consulting the app will know at least some of the chefs ... but surely not all of them? Even though the website is made to promote the app, we wish it offered links with at least minimal information on the chefs – even working links to the chefs’ restaurants would help.

On the related Team page, it’s fun not just to see photos of Chefs Feed key players but to learn their favorite dishes. (Of course, I’m a person whose mouth waters just to read the words “gnocchi @ Frascati.”) This idea can be adapted by anyone creating any kind of About Us or business anniversary coverage. For example, in our book for The Pep Boys we profiled dozens of folks who work in the stores – and asked them what their favorite cars were. Good use of CorporateHistory.net’s About Us Commandment 3: Reveal Thy Personality.

Accessibility: C
There is no Contact page, but the footer of every page has a snail-mail address, phone, fax, and emails for general inquiries and media. Snail mail and fax? How many people use these? But at least all the options are there.

We wouldn’t want to live without our favorite mobile apps. But sometimes we like to plan ahead, and in those cases we’d like to have information available on our desktop as well, where it’s easier to juggle multiple pages, discuss an entry with a myopic spouse, or transfer info to our contacts list. Humor customers who don’t run their whole lives on mobile devices by giving them information on the website as well: there’s still a lot of money in that demographic.

Does your Web site’s “About Us” section accurately convey your organization’s history and capabilities? Every two weeks we evaluate one example, grading it in three areas that are key to potential customers: Personality (Who are you?), Products/Services (What can you do for us?), and Accessibility (How can we reach you?). To talk about your About Us page, contact us!
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