Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cool app for biz anniversaries

Diomedia's Calendar Historica app for iPhone and iPad is a cool tool for all of us who love history and anniversary timelines. At the same time, it's a sales tool for the photos licensed by this international stock photo house and digital media agency -- but still an informative showcase.

Looking ahead to December 7, Calendar Historica tells us that Persian astronomer Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi was born 1,110 years ago, that Italian composer Pietro Mascagni would be turning 150, and that Willa Cather was born 140 years ago. As is visible from the attractive little interface at left, you can click on each entry to see more than 20 related images. 

You can also browse at top level, by the year. 

This may replace Solitaire as a way to pass the time on my next subway ride!