Monday, January 20, 2014

Puntacana Resort & Club: “About Us” Evaluation by Corporate

Puntacana, one of the Caribbean’s premier resorts, occupies more than 26 square miles on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1969 by Frank Rainieri and Theodore Kheel, it currently includes 2 hotels, 5 residential communities, 9 restaurants, 2 golf courses, its own marina and airport, plus an ecological reserve. The main About Us page is here.


Products/Services: C
The great material on this site needs to be reorganized and rewritten. For example, the main About Us page begins, “Visitors may be interested to learn.” Writing 101: If we’re reading it, we’re interested. The rest of the first paragraph doesn’t intrigue or entice us with a description of the delights of Puntacana; instead, it traces the development of the Puntacana name and brand. After a short description of the club’s history, we finally come, at the end of the second paragraph, to a list of the major attractions of the Puntacana Resort & Club, with links to Tortuga Bay, the Westin, the Sheraton, the Six Senses Spa, etc. The main About Us page would be much more effective if this list were at the beginning of the page, rather than the end.

The Press page gives an impressive number of links in a dauntingly dense block. Because many people won’t bother to load a new page, it’s always better to show off your media mentions by a logo, the article’s title, and a one-line summary of how the content relates to your company. This makes reading media mentions more enticing, and incidentally minimizes the problem of broken links.

The articles on the Press page date from 2009 to 2011: has Puntacana fallen off the media’s radar? But no, the Affiliations and Awards page has citations from 2013. Our Commandment 10 of About Us pages is “Remember to keep holy the updates.” Even the most beautifully designed media page falls flat if it’s obviously outdated.

Personality: B
The History page mentions founders Frank Ranieri and Theodore W. Kheel, and briefly describes the growth of the resort. This is corporate history put to decent use: it gives us a sense of the marvelous amenities that have been created at Puntacana, even if it falls short on corporate storytelling. The page would be even more fascinating if it showcased the history with archival photos of the area pre-1969, when it was an impenetrable jungle known as Punta Borrachon (“Drunkard’s Point”). Headings and images would help organize and break up the blocky text: e.g., Creating the Resort, Building the Airport, Building Infrastructure, Building the Brand, Awards.

Accessibility: D
The Contact page offers email, phone, and a mailing address. Oddly, not a single name or title of management or staff (and they must run to the hundreds) appears on this page. We assume this is intentional, but we cannot imagine why.

If you have a list of awards and press mentions, make it more attractive with logos, the article’s title, and a brief summary, as well as a link.

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