Monday, January 13, 2014

Title Nine tells good corporate story

Strong piece of corporate storytelling by Title Nine, a women's activewear retailer and cataloguer. In effect they moved their About Us page to the inside front cover of their catalog. A quick glance at the 267 responses posted online in the first two weeks shows that Title Nine is open to honest feedback. 

The copy begins: "We are a small, Northern California company. We are not part of some large corporation. We are women-owned and run. We believe that many of life's problems can be solved by a good work-out. We know that a good work-out requires a good sports bra, and we are sports bra experts." Kudos for honoring's Commandment 3 of About Us Pages: Reveal thy personality.

The image grabbed my attention, too. Isn't it usually preadolescents who have crushes on horses? No matter; this compelling photo upholds our Commandment 6: Honor thy visuals.

P.S. If printed pieces are going the way of the public telephone booth, you couldn't prove it by our mailbox over the holidays. We have never received so many catalogs. And yes, we ordered from a few (though not Title Nine).