Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sun-Maid's free 100th anniversary e-book

"Free--Our 100th Anniversary E-Book" declared the banner on a bag of Sun-Maid Raisins at the local Stop & Shop. Caught my eye as a great way for a multinational retailer to share the wealth of its  business history, by investing in a beautiful publication and offering it as a free download for iPad, iPhone, or a PDF. 

Reader, I bought the bag and downloaded a chapter, even though I don't eat raisins. It indeed delivers "vibrant color photos, fun facts, and more than 50 favorite recipes." A thoughtful touch for non-US readers: The recipes are available in metric measurements.

There's not a lot of running narrative here. Instead, Sun-Maid achieves its corporate storytelling through photo-rich spreads that belie the parentage of the publisher who created the book, a publisher better known for travel books. A major website copywriting oversight on Sun-Maid's part: It's not clear from the web page whether the book is also available in hard copy.